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Sick of mowing your lawn? Who isn't? Bored with that drab, plain, all-over green color that it seems EVERYONE's lawn is? We don't blame you.

That's why the scientists at Sirius Laboratories have come up with BronzalawnTM yard care service. With BronzalawnTM, you'll never have to mow again. Save money on gasoline, and mower repairs. Gain more precious storage room in your garage. And don't forget your aching back! Sit back in that strato-lounger and let the BronzalawnTM yard care specialists do the work for you.

For only $5 per month (a REAL bargain compared to most lawn care services), they will come out to your house in the wee hours of the morning when you are asleep and perform their magic on your lawn. Within weeks, you'll start to see that tired, dreary green lawn start to yellow. And in only one season, we guarantee your entire lawn will be rich, lustrous bronze color that will be the envy of everyone at the backyard barbecue.

And best of all, our specialists are quiet and efficient. Their careful methods and whisper quiet trucks are guaranteed to never wake you while they're working their magic. In fact, to date, NO ONE has ever reported seeing or hearing our team in action.

So get BronzalawnTM today and try something new!

$5 / mo

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Customer Reviews
hugh janus (hugh janus 2005-11-06 06:46:01
Type your review here Shite
Jim Bob Gurthry ( 2003-09-17 08:45:06
I've had this service for 5 months now.
I saw those dudes though. I saw the guy, yeah
he was trying to sneak around behind the cottonwood out front, but
i saw him. I know i twas him cuz i was up cuz i couldn't sleep.
Yeah, he was out there alright.
They say that you won't see em but I saw that guy.
took a few shots at him just to watch him scoot!
hee hee
Funny guy.
Good bronzalawn is a dang good thing.
Bob Snively ( 2003-09-14 21:58:46
You guys suck
Ron Hitchens (ron@ronsoft) 2003-09-14 21:49:57
I only rate this product a three because it took several weeks for my lawn to achieve the golden tone I wanted. Otherwise, this service is just great!