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Combat Cat

Need a little companionship? Rival crime lords out to get you? Got some killing to do but you just don't feel up to it any more?

Fret no more. You friends at Trans-Dimensional Importers have the ideal solution for you. At TDI we specialize in the importation of endangered and exotic species from all over the galaxy. We recently discovered a sentient race of warrior cats on a remote planet in the Gamma quadrant of Sector G12.

The Imperial Customs Service has not yet classified these cute little guys as a menace to civilization, so order yours today while supplies last.

Combat Cats (that's our name for them, they refer to themselves as S'vth'n!ta) make terrific pets as long as you observe a few simple rules.

  • They must kill something once a day.
  • They must be allowed to cut out and devour the still-beating hearts of their victims.
  • Change the litter every day - seriously.
  • Never leave them alone with a regular earth cat
Combat Cats, new from TDI. Be the first on your block to own the pet / personal enforcer that everyone is talking about. Don't let your rivals beat you to it.

Act now and take advantage of our My Lil Mercenary Force quantity discount.


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Customer Reviews
Donny ( 2007-05-25 23:57:15
3 out of 5 stars - These little dudes are good at killing, but they keep puking up parts of their victims on my new carpet. Kind of a pain. Still worth it though, if you have a lot of things you need killed.
### peace out - D