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Harmonic Subspace Wormhole Inducer

It happens all the time. You're on an outer arm of a spiral galaxy and you need to get to the core of a globular cluster. Pronto. You need a wormhole and you need it right now.

Sure, there are lots of wormhole generators on the market these days but there is only one DynoDyne Harmonics. We've been in the wormhole business for, oh, ages now. Don't mess around with those cheap imported WHGs. Go with a classic that you know you can trust.

Warm up time on our newest 707-DLX model is a mere two solar intervals - our fastest yet! Spontaneous wormhole collapse rate is one of the lowest in the industry. Collateral solar system destruction is almost unheard of with the DLX series.

Don't delay. Order your own 707-DLX today and get on out there and see the known universe. Deep space ships and containment fields sold separately.

Keep out of reach of children and combat cats.


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