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Radiated Emulsifier

It's the same old story - you try to remove space barnacles using nuclear butter, but it just doesn't work!

You need a new radiated emulsifier from Kelvin(R) Manufacturing! (Not to be confused with irradiated emulsifiers.)

It's brilliant!

The radiation comes from the emulsifiers themselves. That's how you reach peek abrasion. Of course our secret sauce lets us transform that special abrasion into a more abstract form of canonical work. Makes the desaturation of overgrowth much easier and cheaper to manufacture.

The by-product of the process is extra lunoids - an acceptable risk as RESC will clean them up anyway. It's only like 6 lunoids per meerkat joule, so easily handled by a portable sun scraper*.

Call to day: 8-100-SHINE-IN !

* Sun scraper attachment sold separately.
* Hard vacuum rated over time
* Do not use in situations that call for more than 10 axel meats per rotation
* For use in industrial desaturation only

Kelvin is a private LLC. That's Limited Lunoid Company


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