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Mega Mug

The mother of all coffee mugs. This sucker is effectively bottomless due to a magnificently small flooding boson capillary generator that warps the fabric of space-time in the mug's interior. It'll hold more coffee than you can ever drink in one morning. Filling it is the problem of course.


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Customer Reviews
Nigel Danger (lotsoflove69sex@yahoo.cunt) 2005-10-25 00:01:20
you can also have sex in it.
and i accitdentally ate the inside, so i can eat a lot now.
A Coffee Lover ( 2003-09-27 07:26:38
This mug is great for a coffee lover like me. Only problem is, once I've filled it up with my daily ration of coffee it weighs 220 pounds! Kinda tough to wander around the office with it.

So I borrowed one of those carts from the mail room and one of those long plastic tubes to act as a straw. Now I can sip coffes anywhere I roam on the 14th floor. I can even sip my expresso while going to the bathroom! I seem to go to the bathroom a lot these days. Not sure why.

I love the Mega Mug. It's the greatest.