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Horta Eggs

New shipment of Horta Eggs fresh from Janus VI. These high-quality silicon-based nodules are a delight in any garden. Stack them in a corner for a lovely cascade effect or place them about your garden as a wonderful accent. Eye-catching, tough and weather resistant Horta Eggs complement any garden motif.
90 day no-hatch warranty.
Price is per dozen, while supplies last.


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Customer Reviews
Sirius Merc Admin ( 2004-12-01 11:01:01
I need a picture of some horta eggs.
Please post a URL for one here, thank you.
Herman Stochowski (-- )) THE 2003-09-17 08:40:25
I will review these eggs.
They tates good, but I have found that when trying to
build an omelette with these eggs that the eggs when
cracked will usually burn through any ceramic or plastic
plates if you place them on the plates you have to
use stainless steel plates for these eggs if you don't want
them to burn through but they taste ok
put some tobasco on them and they're ok
the plate problem is a problem for me with these eggs
but i like the taste alrite
that's my review
thank you
Herman Stochowski
950 shady sleepy lazy lane
retiretown, FL 34995
(612) 555-2449