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Dilithium Dust

Is your car hard to start in the winter? Does it lack the pep it had when new? Try Dilithium Dust from Event Horizon Mass Marketing. It's the last gasoline additive you'll ever need. One teaspon of D-D with each fill-up will increase the octane of your gas from 90 to 90,000 and your horsepower is guaranteed to increase by 10-15 million percent or more Go from 0 to 60 in 1 microsecond.1 As a special bonus, D-D includes patented detergents to scrub your engine and carburetor clean of every molecule of foreign matter before you can so "Oh my heck!"2

  • Not available where prohibited by law.
  • Nursing mothers should not stand directly behind tailpipe.

1. Not for use in cars weighing less than 600,000 tons.
2. Carbureter must be made entirely of plutonium or some corrosion may occur.


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Customer Reviews
Gustov Hienrich ( 2005-03-10 20:22:02
Also works on my arthritic knee joints. At 67 years old I won the local high jump competition at our track and field team's fan day!
Melanie Truman ( 2003-09-17 08:52:02
Melted the engine in my minivan. I'm gonna try it on my husband.